Friday, 21 March 2014

Group Evaluation

Group Evaluation

The communication within our group works well, and we found an effective way of communicating by creating a group of just the members of group one on Facebook, this allowed us to communicate on days where we were unable to be in university and also to provide feedback on work we had done.

We found that regular meetings improved the communication and strengthened our exhibition research; it also helped us make regular changes so nothing was left till the last minute, this also allowed the group to give feedback on what we liked and what we wanted to change.

Within our group when talking together we all agreed that we could have improved the roles within our group and also maybe gave the roles out earlier allowing us to have accomplished more work this would have allowed us to spread the work out more evenly.

We feel we utilized the space of the exhibition well and it suited our group’s work and style well.
We knew we wanted to use different sized prints so all the work wasn’t too similar in size we found this also separated each persons work.

This project has greatly improved our team skills and how to compromise, we found this important when organizing the exhibition space for example Georgia wanted to use a large space for her images but we found Charlie needed more space because he had a bigger series of images.

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