Monday, 10 March 2014

1. From the following selection of 12 examples, choose 2 examples to compare, describe and analyse. !
2. In doing so you are required to address one of the following themes taken from the set text; Rosalind Krauss, ‘Corpus Delicti’!
- Informe as an undoing of categories - p.39!
- Mimicry, doubling and repetition – pp.48-49! - The uncanny – p.59!
- Fetishism and displacement – pp.68-69!
3. You are also asked to choose a sentence from the set text that you find interesting or difficult and to bring this to the seminar. You are encouraged to incorporate this into your text...!

Mimicry - The use of mirrors within images. 

"So that this subject who sees is a subject who,in being simultaneously"seen," is entered as "picture"onto the mirror's surface

"But un like a grid,the human body is not identical from one side to the other."  

Raoul Ubac!
Portrait in a Mirror!

In Raoul Ubac's image i first notice the woman and how her identity seems to be hidden within the grunge and the mess of the mirror, we do not see any distinguishing features however we see enough to know that she is female (Body and long hair etc).
The image acts as a disguise for the woman hiding herself. The image also has a lot of contrast to add to the grunge of the mirror and make it more effective  

Andre Kertesz 


Andre also uses mirrors to create an image, however the theme of Andre's images are more about the bodies of woman and using mirrors to distort something that would usually be seen as beautiful and an object of desire and changing this to something weird and surreal.

How a photographer has used mirrors within a image for fashion/ editorial purposes.

Lana Del Rey For Zoo Magazine by Bryan Adams

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