Thursday, 27 February 2014

Waste Testing images Edited

First test with material Cellophane

Testing the use of materials to make clothing for fashion type shoot, i chose patterned cellophane in pink also to contribute to the fashion styling side of the image, these are initial tests on what i could do with styling, i also think that next time model would wear something plain underneath like all black or white so the clothes underneath aren't too distracting. Also the other material featured in some images is material meant for curtains, i liked the idea of using something that it wasn't made for.

Experimenting with Coloured backdrops for waste

I knew for my waste shoot i wanted it to be shot very similar to a fashion shoot, i chose to do this by the way i lit my subject and also the use of colour. I tested out two different colours blue and pink.

 I used a Canon 85mm 1.8 lens (Portrait Lens).
I tried to experiment with under exposing and over exposing seeing what effect it had on the colour of the backdrop. Overall I'm pleased with the test.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Seminar Task

Choose two images to describe and analyse, when analysing fit into one of the given themes taken from the set text (Florian Ebner, ‘Urban Characters, Imaginary Cities’)

- The photographic urban wanderer (as flaneur)... p.187!
- Photographic contingency (the chance moment)... p.187!
- Direct or Composed... pp.188-189!
- Scene or Portrait... pp.189-190!

The Images I chose 

  • Jacques-Henri Lartigue! Avenue du Bois de Boulogue, Paris! 1911
  • Wolfgang Tillmans! Circle Line2000 

Fashion & The Street ('Relationship between the pavement and fashion')

Can our fashion choices relate to our environment and how can fashion within a environment create a documentary style image.

Jacques-Henri LartigueAvenue du Bois de Boulogue, Paris1911
The first thing i notice when looking at the image is the very confident and well dressed woman within the image, her clothes make me question why she is in this kind of environment (why is she in the middle of the street instead of walking on the side) i feel the fact she is walking in the middle of the street amongst the cars shows the confidence of the woman. The image also documents a certain fashion for this period of time and also how this links to her environment (Upper Class). I feel the image does link strongly the woman to her environment and shows her relationship to 'The Street'.

'where the pavement has all but disappeared, leaving the fashion able,promenading woman to outdo the wheeled competitors'

The contrast within the image is also a very interesting way the photographer drawn attention towards the fashionable lady, Her all black dressing contrasts to the light grey tones  of the road below. 

Wolfgang TillmansCircle Line2000 

When first looking at Woldgang's image i immediately started questioning what i was looking at within the image only when i was told it was a arm of a lady i understood what i was looking at, i feel this image questions the link between travel, fashion and also fashion within environments. The woman's face isn't seen within the image this gives the image a anonymous feel so we are drawn more towards the clothing of the woman noticing things like material, texture etc.

"Public transport has always been a favourite place for photographers to catch subjects unaware. Nowhere else in the city do people brush up so close to one another and yet so studiously ignore each other. ‘I have always associated the underground with incredible intimacy among people"

'Painter of modern life' i feel this quote totally describes the image and also the entire series, the series documents the intimacy within public transport which is such a important and bit part of our culture and life today. 

I believe both image question the relationship between fashion and the environment the first being more obvious than the second image, however both images are also very different, the obvious differences would be the time when each of the images were taken and also the colour of the photographs (One black and white, Other Colour C-Print) however Wolfgang's image focuses more on the intimacy within the environment.

Imporant Quotes from Florian Ebner, ‘Urban Characters, Imaginary Cities’

'Painter of modern life'
'Relationship between the pavement and fashion'
'where the pavement has all but disappeared, leaving the fashion able,promenading woman to outdo the wheeled competitors'


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Further styling research for Fashion

Looking into constricting clothing 
relates to the feelings of mental illness 

Lighting technique and research for Fashion

Test Shots for lighting 
We are looking into creating a lighting effect that looks like blinds that lets light through in a particular way 
Examples Below