Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fashion Evaluation

Fashion Project Evaluation

 I feel Group 1 worked well together and although our photographic styles may have been very different we worked around this and catered for the whole group. This project has taught me how to work within a group with a project of a larger size like a set build, which will be a very important skill for the future.
I feel that working within group 1 for the fashion project has allowed me to explore a different photographic style than I would have usually gone for, I feel if I completed the project alone I would have gone a completely different route, this has benefitted me and allowed me to create a piece different to my already existing work.
Participating in the fashion project has taught me many new skills to enhance my own photography and also how to organise a set build for my own work in the future.

Through this project I have also learnt many skills within editing and Photoshop that will improve not just fashion images put any portraits/work I take in the future.

In conclusion I feel our group has achieved a very successful set of final images that our group is very proud of, we have learnt many new skills that will help us not only for the coming years of university but in the industry too.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Group Evaluation

Group Evaluation

The communication within our group works well, and we found an effective way of communicating by creating a group of just the members of group one on Facebook, this allowed us to communicate on days where we were unable to be in university and also to provide feedback on work we had done.

We found that regular meetings improved the communication and strengthened our exhibition research; it also helped us make regular changes so nothing was left till the last minute, this also allowed the group to give feedback on what we liked and what we wanted to change.

Within our group when talking together we all agreed that we could have improved the roles within our group and also maybe gave the roles out earlier allowing us to have accomplished more work this would have allowed us to spread the work out more evenly.

We feel we utilized the space of the exhibition well and it suited our group’s work and style well.
We knew we wanted to use different sized prints so all the work wasn’t too similar in size we found this also separated each persons work.

This project has greatly improved our team skills and how to compromise, we found this important when organizing the exhibition space for example Georgia wanted to use a large space for her images but we found Charlie needed more space because he had a bigger series of images.

Self Evaluation

I have enjoyed the task of organizing a exhibition, I feel our group works really well together, I also found that our work is different creating a exhibition of with a variety of work which I feel would effect the effectiveness of the exhibition. Within the exhibition I didn’t really have a role, and I feel I could have done this better and gave myself a role within the group, however I did still focus a lot on extra advertising within the exhibition for example business cards, badges to give out at the exhibition and printed books etc. Planning my own exhibition I had clear ideas of what I wanted and how I wanted it to look, I wanted to use Vinyl lettering because I felt this looked more professional instead of a sign, I also wanted to include a neon sign light which I know this could be hard to achieve so I planned my exhibition with and without the light so if I couldn’t include the light it wouldn’t affect the exhibition too much and look like something was missing. I also knew I wanted to include the plastic material from my shoot within my exhibition placing this in front or at the side of my work on a mannequin, I feel this makes the exhibition more 3d and lets the audience interact with the exhibition more than just looking at images. For inspiration for fashion photographers exhibitions I looked at Tim Walkers ‘Story Teller’ Exhibition at summerset house and ‘I only want you to love me’ the exhibition by Miles Aldridge. I researched into fashion photography exhibitions because of the fashion theme within my images. I feel within this project I focused more on my own individual exhibition instead of working as more of a team this is a quality I could improve more for next time.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Final Image Set

My choice of final image prints (In Order) - Evaluation coming soon

Monday, 17 March 2014

Further Lighting Inspiration

After being inspired by Tracy Emin's work at the Ship to Shore Exhibition i have been looking into using lighting similar to the above for my exhibition below my work. Looking further into signs like this within photography i found Jung Lee, a South Korean artist.

I have also looked further into the work of Tracy Emin.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Fashion styling and previous editorials in the style we wish to achieve

Fashion PDF for Blog

1. From the following selection of 12 examples, choose 2 examples to compare, describe and analyse. !
2. In doing so you are required to address one of the following themes taken from the set text; Rosalind Krauss, ‘Corpus Delicti’!
- Informe as an undoing of categories - p.39!
- Mimicry, doubling and repetition – pp.48-49! - The uncanny – p.59!
- Fetishism and displacement – pp.68-69!
3. You are also asked to choose a sentence from the set text that you find interesting or difficult and to bring this to the seminar. You are encouraged to incorporate this into your text...!

Mimicry - The use of mirrors within images. 

"So that this subject who sees is a subject who,in being simultaneously"seen," is entered as "picture"onto the mirror's surface

"But un like a grid,the human body is not identical from one side to the other."  

Raoul Ubac!
Portrait in a Mirror!

In Raoul Ubac's image i first notice the woman and how her identity seems to be hidden within the grunge and the mess of the mirror, we do not see any distinguishing features however we see enough to know that she is female (Body and long hair etc).
The image acts as a disguise for the woman hiding herself. The image also has a lot of contrast to add to the grunge of the mirror and make it more effective  

Andre Kertesz 


Andre also uses mirrors to create an image, however the theme of Andre's images are more about the bodies of woman and using mirrors to distort something that would usually be seen as beautiful and an object of desire and changing this to something weird and surreal.

How a photographer has used mirrors within a image for fashion/ editorial purposes.

Lana Del Rey For Zoo Magazine by Bryan Adams

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Waste exhibition group logo and badge design

I decided that as a group we should maybe have a team name and logo for advertising purposes, i also thought handing badges out would be a good way to advertise (if we handed them out with posters in places before the event) At the minute just for design purposes our group is the first letter of everyones name however we need to meet and discuss as a team what group name we want.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Exhibition - photographer business card design

For my exhibition i knew i wanted something that people could take away from my exhibition space which included information like my website and also some other images i had previously created, i decided to do this in two ways 

Business card 
I feel this advertises my own photography and website its also something people can take away to remind them of my website.

2. Printed books/ Portfolios 

I have used websites before to print portfolios and it is a easy and effective way to display work and advertise you as a photographer 


Front of books

Back Cover

Exhibition Writing 

I decided after the trip to southampton and the 'ship to shore' exhibition that i wanted vinyl text placed under my work i knew this because i feel it looks more professional than mounted card (which i originally intended to do)


I also really liked the work of Tracey Emin

If possible i feel a name sign (Charlotte rose Photography) with the same neon light below would look good together with my fashion like theme within waste, i could also use the same colours within the lights that the materials i shot were.
This would mean my part of the exhibition would have to be a little darker maybe without much lighting on my images then the neon light would also leak onto my images and could look effective together with small spotlights on top of images.


Inspired by the exhibitions of the second years earlier in the year (specifically the work of Kamil) 

This is the kind of framing i want to achieve, it looks professional and also works well when all the series are together,i also like the spotlight lighting over the top of some of the images.
 The framing is available on amazon to buy.

Main influence to Fashion Project

Alec Soth was the first photographer we as a group turned to for inspiration and these were the images that stood out to us as a group and we decided this was the route we wanted to take our project, we have taken many different aspects of the images and interpreted it in our own way.

This was also a big inspiration for our clothing choices, we got the chance to pick our clothing from Fashion atelier and we immediately knew what we were looking for because of the reference to these clothes and also other images. 

In our groups we had discussed what clothing we wanted and the theme of suits was the most popular so we also decided to try suit like clothing similar to the second image above. 

Retouching Workshop

Retouching Images 
Above is the image after i went through the process of the above things.

 Retouching my own images!

Fashion set development

Testing Coloured paints under the light to get a feel what our set would look like when lit.

 Test shooting for poses and positions for model within the images 
From these test images we have then collected a list of what we need to make the set build possible and also what needs to be done before the production week.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Updated Waste


"The perception of fashion images as art"

1. From the following selection of 12 examples, choose 2 examples to compare, describe and analyse. !
2. In doing so you are required to address one of the following themes taken from the set text; Ulrich Lehmann, ‘Fashion Photography’!

- The style of the photographer/s !
- The model/s (as ‘abstract’ or an ‘individual’)!
- The use of gesture or pose!
- Narrative (the sequence, mood, story-line...)!
- Text (What is the title of the sequence? How is this worked through the images?)!

3. You are also asked to choose a sentence from the set text that you find interesting or difficult and to bring this to the seminar. You are encouraged to incorporate this into your text...

"The Perception of fashion images as art"

Acid Jazz - David Sims 

The first thing i notice when looking at the series Acid Jazz is the use of colour and pattern however this is not used within the photograph, it is used as a border for the photograph this is a method i have seen and even used myself without really knowing this series of photographs.

Although the borders of the image are very colourful and stand out the actual images are very different using faded colours to give it a old and dated affect even though this is a very recent editorial (2013) The fashion featured in the editorial is very grunge and this kind of fashion actually came back recently (Charity shop and second hand VINTAGE clothing). Overall the image set puts across a very vintage theme this achieved by the location (a old style home which is achieved by dated furniture, wallpaper and room decoration) and also clothing. This editorial can also be seen as experimental and art like due to the experimentation with pattern and coloured borders.

Daniel Sanwald - Collection c

The first thing i notice with this series is its very bold and expressive theme, the photographer was not afraid to experiment with technique and editing and i feel this works really well, much like Acid Jazz this series can be seen as art due to it being very experimental with colour fashion and style.
The main feature of the editorial is the gesture the gesture is used throughout all of the series which allows it to link as a fashion series, apart from this each image is very different by using different techniques of  editing and technique   (Not like your typical fashion image). When looking at some more of his work its clear he is not afraid to experiment with colours unlike many fashion photographers today his work stands out because of his use of colour.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Research Set Build

I stumbled across this image accidentally on tumblr, the image is very similar to the concept we want to achieve in our set build for example the lighting effect caused by blinds and also how this is shown on a bed