Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fashion Evaluation

Fashion Project Evaluation

 I feel Group 1 worked well together and although our photographic styles may have been very different we worked around this and catered for the whole group. This project has taught me how to work within a group with a project of a larger size like a set build, which will be a very important skill for the future.
I feel that working within group 1 for the fashion project has allowed me to explore a different photographic style than I would have usually gone for, I feel if I completed the project alone I would have gone a completely different route, this has benefitted me and allowed me to create a piece different to my already existing work.
Participating in the fashion project has taught me many new skills to enhance my own photography and also how to organise a set build for my own work in the future.

Through this project I have also learnt many skills within editing and Photoshop that will improve not just fashion images put any portraits/work I take in the future.

In conclusion I feel our group has achieved a very successful set of final images that our group is very proud of, we have learnt many new skills that will help us not only for the coming years of university but in the industry too.

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