Friday, 21 March 2014

Self Evaluation

I have enjoyed the task of organizing a exhibition, I feel our group works really well together, I also found that our work is different creating a exhibition of with a variety of work which I feel would effect the effectiveness of the exhibition. Within the exhibition I didn’t really have a role, and I feel I could have done this better and gave myself a role within the group, however I did still focus a lot on extra advertising within the exhibition for example business cards, badges to give out at the exhibition and printed books etc. Planning my own exhibition I had clear ideas of what I wanted and how I wanted it to look, I wanted to use Vinyl lettering because I felt this looked more professional instead of a sign, I also wanted to include a neon sign light which I know this could be hard to achieve so I planned my exhibition with and without the light so if I couldn’t include the light it wouldn’t affect the exhibition too much and look like something was missing. I also knew I wanted to include the plastic material from my shoot within my exhibition placing this in front or at the side of my work on a mannequin, I feel this makes the exhibition more 3d and lets the audience interact with the exhibition more than just looking at images. For inspiration for fashion photographers exhibitions I looked at Tim Walkers ‘Story Teller’ Exhibition at summerset house and ‘I only want you to love me’ the exhibition by Miles Aldridge. I researched into fashion photography exhibitions because of the fashion theme within my images. I feel within this project I focused more on my own individual exhibition instead of working as more of a team this is a quality I could improve more for next time.

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