Friday, 7 March 2014

Exhibition - photographer business card design

For my exhibition i knew i wanted something that people could take away from my exhibition space which included information like my website and also some other images i had previously created, i decided to do this in two ways 

Business card 
I feel this advertises my own photography and website its also something people can take away to remind them of my website.

2. Printed books/ Portfolios 

I have used websites before to print portfolios and it is a easy and effective way to display work and advertise you as a photographer

Front of books

Back Cover

Exhibition Writing 

I decided after the trip to southampton and the 'ship to shore' exhibition that i wanted vinyl text placed under my work i knew this because i feel it looks more professional than mounted card (which i originally intended to do)


I also really liked the work of Tracey Emin

If possible i feel a name sign (Charlotte rose Photography) with the same neon light below would look good together with my fashion like theme within waste, i could also use the same colours within the lights that the materials i shot were.
This would mean my part of the exhibition would have to be a little darker maybe without much lighting on my images then the neon light would also leak onto my images and could look effective together with small spotlights on top of images.


Inspired by the exhibitions of the second years earlier in the year (specifically the work of Kamil) 

This is the kind of framing i want to achieve, it looks professional and also works well when all the series are together,i also like the spotlight lighting over the top of some of the images.
 The framing is available on amazon to buy.

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