Monday, 3 March 2014

"The perception of fashion images as art"

1. From the following selection of 12 examples, choose 2 examples to compare, describe and analyse. !
2. In doing so you are required to address one of the following themes taken from the set text; Ulrich Lehmann, ‘Fashion Photography’!

- The style of the photographer/s !
- The model/s (as ‘abstract’ or an ‘individual’)!
- The use of gesture or pose!
- Narrative (the sequence, mood, story-line...)!
- Text (What is the title of the sequence? How is this worked through the images?)!

3. You are also asked to choose a sentence from the set text that you find interesting or difficult and to bring this to the seminar. You are encouraged to incorporate this into your text...

"The Perception of fashion images as art"

Acid Jazz - David Sims 

The first thing i notice when looking at the series Acid Jazz is the use of colour and pattern however this is not used within the photograph, it is used as a border for the photograph this is a method i have seen and even used myself without really knowing this series of photographs.

Although the borders of the image are very colourful and stand out the actual images are very different using faded colours to give it a old and dated affect even though this is a very recent editorial (2013) The fashion featured in the editorial is very grunge and this kind of fashion actually came back recently (Charity shop and second hand VINTAGE clothing). Overall the image set puts across a very vintage theme this achieved by the location (a old style home which is achieved by dated furniture, wallpaper and room decoration) and also clothing. This editorial can also be seen as experimental and art like due to the experimentation with pattern and coloured borders.

Daniel Sanwald - Collection c

The first thing i notice with this series is its very bold and expressive theme, the photographer was not afraid to experiment with technique and editing and i feel this works really well, much like Acid Jazz this series can be seen as art due to it being very experimental with colour fashion and style.
The main feature of the editorial is the gesture the gesture is used throughout all of the series which allows it to link as a fashion series, apart from this each image is very different by using different techniques of  editing and technique   (Not like your typical fashion image). When looking at some more of his work its clear he is not afraid to experiment with colours unlike many fashion photographers today his work stands out because of his use of colour.

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