Monday, 4 November 2013

'The Object' Idea

Social Pressures and The myth of Beauty.

My still life will be based on the myth of beauty, how images of beauty can be used against us and the social pressure to look good. 

I will look into topics like image manipulation, Retouching and 'Airbrushing'. I will investigate how this can change our idea of beauty and how we feel we should look.

I plan to use manipulation within my images for my still life,for example i could use natural objects like flowers or fruit and manipulate them to signify how we change ourselves to fit a certain look, i will look into symbolism also.

Reference Naomi Wolf  'The Beauty Myth' 
This reference is very important to my still life.
The theory that beauty is used against us.

Other Ideas

  • Masks - Our true identity being hidden beneath makeup etc. 
  • Headlines of Articles Relating to my chosen theme. 
  • Turning a natural object into a manipulated object.

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