Monday, 11 November 2013

Sally Mann

Sally Mann is an American Photographer who first became famous from her images of young children then later her images of landscape, which suggest decay and death. When first looking at the image we can see a child resting on a vehicle but also next to the girl is placed a dead deer. Looking deeper into the image I discovered that the meaning of a deer on a totem pole is gentleness, ability to move through life and obstacles with grace and the ability to change direction quickly however this image seems to mock this and disagree.

The deer also has meanings in many faiths for example Shinto where a deer is considered to be a messenger to the gods and also the deer was sacred to the goddess Artemis from Greek mythology.
We know the deer is dead by the way it was placed in the vehicle and also the way it is leaning its head over the vehicle.
By placing the dead deer in the image it contrasts with the innocence we feel from the little girl. The pose and the outfit of the girl put across themes of innocence and youth, which contrasts the themes of death that we read from the deer.

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