Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lighting Tests

         Set Up 1
  • White Backdrop
  • One Soft box 
  • Broncolor Pack
  • Broncololor Head 
  • Black Polyboard Reflector 
  • Canon EF 24 - 105 mm f/4.0 L

For my Lighting i wanted it simple but effective. I wanted to achieve this by having side lighting with dark shadows on one side of the face. I also wanted to turn the White backdrop grey, i did this by placing the model further away from the backdrop and also the lighting. The soft box i was using still let out a little light onto the backdrop turning it grey if i wanted it a darker grey i would have moved further away with the lighting and model.

Testing looking towards and away from lighting.
ISO 400 
Shutter Speed 125
    Set Up 2 
  • Lantern Lighting 
  • Broncolor Light Head 
  • Broncolor Pack 
  • 2 Black Poly Board Reflectors 
  • White Backdrop 
  • Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens 

The Lantern lighting was placed more over the top of the models head pointing down. This lighting is easier to light higher and more over the models head.

ISO 100
125 Shutter

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