Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Enviroment Shoot 1 - Portrait

The Flower Crown Business.

This shoot turned out more of a fashion type shoot choosing a woodland type area to shoot for my location. I feel the shoot went really well and i'm pleased with the outcome. 

Inspirational Images for my shoot 

Emily Soto & Tim Walker

Alexandra Sophie Photography 

Kitty Gallannaugh Photography 

My Photoshoot.
Shot 3 Rolls of Fuji Film 400h
Scans from Iphone App 

Printing images on Wednesday 6th November

Evaluation on Shoot 1 
Overall i think the shoot went very well and i am pleased with the images. Weather did become a problem towards the end of the shoot due to rain.
If i could have changed anything about the shoot i would have took digital test shots also.

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