Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Favourite Portrait/Fashion Photographers/ Inspiration

As i shoot mainly Portraits i find my inspiration by looking at books and magazines, I am often inspired by other photographers work and this informs me when i think about what i want to shoot next.

Richard Avedon 

Richard Avedon is one of the main Fashion/ Portrait photographers i look up to, his images have not only inspired me but many generations of other photographers. His images are iconic and easily recognised for his style.

Tim Walker 

Tim walker is my All time favourite photographer, he is the photographer i find i am most inspired by. I love the creativity within his work and the imagination behind his ideas and images.

I also like how he is not afraid to be bold and 'weird' within Fashion Photography.

I cannot pick a favourite Picture of Tim Walkers because i simply like everything he creates Specially his book 'Story Teller'.

Lara Jade 

I find myself inspired by Lara Jade. I like her styling and
approach when taking a image she's not afraid to be creative in the genre of fashion photography. 

Emily Soto 

I also like Emily Soto for her creative approach to fashion and portrait photography. She's not afraid to Experiment with not only shooting her images but Photoshopping and editing to get the final image.

This image is my favourite of Emily Soto's because i think the dark mood of the image works well with not only the model but the location.

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