Tuesday, 24 September 2013

'An Oak Tree in Winter' Research And Analysis

'An Oak Tree In Winter' by William Henry Fox Talbot. 

Oak trees are often symbolised throughout history as a sign of strength and great courage and also wise and humble throughout literature. When first analysing the image it is very clear that Henry Fox Talbot wanted the attention of the viewer on the 'Oak Tree', his composition and framing show this well, The tree is centre of the image and is also the boldest tree in the image, this demonstrates that he had thought about framing and decided to place the Oak Tree in the centre. He also choses to focus solely on the Oak tree and other trees in the background seem out of focus. There is no distracting or detailed sky behind the trees to distract the viewers attention and i feel the position that Talbot used emphasised the size and power of the tree.
There are small trees in the background i think Henry fox talbot could have done this purposely to compare the size of trees and once again how powerful and strong the oak tree is.

The Oak tree is also the national tree of england, Henry Fox Talbot's Image could have been related to his British routes and how he feels Britain is strong and powerful, this would have been important at the period of time the image was taken.

"A painter's eye will often be arrested where ordinary people see nothing remarkable. A casual gleam of sunshine, or a shadow thrown across his path, a time-withered oak, or a
moss-covered stone may awaken a train of thoughts and feelings, and picturesque imaginings." - Henry Fox Talbot 

This quote was featured in 'The pencil of Nature', I think it implies that not just this one image 'An Oak tree in Winter' but nearly all of his images had at least one theory or concept.

Personally i see this image as a bold reminder of the strength and to demonstrate the power of an oak tree. I definitely find myself comparing the size of the oak tree to the others in the distance and thats what brings me to a conclusion that Henry Fox Talbot considered Composition, Depth of field and also surroundings to communicate themes and symbolism within the image 'An Oak Tree In Winter'.


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