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Seminar Task Compare And Contrast Ansel Adams & Stephen Shore

The two Photographers i have to chose to compare and contrast are Ansel Adams and Stephen Shore.

When researching into the two artists i first discovered that both photographers are American, this could have had a impact and a effect on their work in regards to american culture. Further into my research i discovered that both photographers had shot images of Yosemite which is a national park in America, i feel that Stephen shore would have been influenced to produce his images of Yosemite from Ansel Adams, Stephen shore has also met Ansel Adams.

 "At dinner was Ansel Adams. During the meal I saw Ansel drink six tall glasses of straight vodka and, at some point during our long conversation after dessert, Ansel said - and I remember him saying this in an unemotional, detached way, like a photographer observing something: "I had a creative hot streak in the 1940s and since then I've been pot boiling."  - Stephen Shore 

Here is Ansel Adams and Stephen Shore's Images of Yosemite 

When Comparing both images there are very clear differences within not only the environment the images were shot but how both photographers have represented Yosemite within their images.

Ansel Adams created his image of Yosemite in 1938 and Stephen Shore's image was created in 1979.

Stephen Shore's image of yosemite is a much friendlier approach using a family within the image tells us that this sort of environment is safe for people and families unlike Ansel Adams image that looks rather dangerous and unexplored. I feel that stephen shores image is almost an advertisement for the park, the image gives off a very picturesque feel. The image also cleverly includes the beautiful hills in the background to include how scenic the environment is.

Ansel Adams uses his image to create a picture of Yosemite to be vast with no signs of the man made, everything is completely natural within the image. Both Photographers have chosen to use a elevated view so we look down into the image. 

The same year as Ansel Adams' image was taken (1938) was the year The aircraft was a twin-engined Douglas Aircraft Corporation DC-2 crashed within Yosemite Park on a mountain. 

Here is a Exhibition that Ansel Adams' Yosemite featured in

Also around 1990 a fire forced the park to close.


  • Ansel Adams' images show a much wilder and unexplored landscape 
  • Stephen Shore's images feature more of a man made environment, like the environment we live in today.
  • Stephen Shore's images also showcase more of a american theme, For example we can look at his images and identify it as american For example :
All the images on the left are Stephen Shore's 

Reasons why these images suggest themes of American Culture.

  • This image is of american diner . The american Diner is classic and is a american stereotype. Many countries have adapted the american diner theme. for example there is an american diner located in London.
  • - American Diner in London  

  • This image fits in with american themes of hunting and taxidermy. Taxidermy is not usually seen/talked about in other cultures or countries.
  • The decor also speaks a lot about the area this photo was taken speaks and points us to american culture.

  • Ansel Adams' images offer a very different viewpoint of the american environment, this being unexplored and dangerous.
  • The environments that his pictures are made do not look suitable for families like Stephen Shores images.
  • Ansel Adams' images also have a cold and dark feeling to them.
  • Highly Contrasted black and white which looks very dramatic and puts emphasis on this kind of environment. 
  • Extreme Viewpoints that emphasise the size of the environment that the image was taken.

Interview with Stephen Shore

Merced River, Yosemite National Park, California by Stephen Shore (Image)

The four Seasons In Yosemite Ansel Adams

Yosemite crash

Yosemite Fire

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