Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Group Meeting 29th Jan

Charlotte Edwards Meeting 1 29th Jan 

We used our meeting time to have a conversation about our main ideas and to suggest ideas, photographers and other things that could help us with our project, Before the meeting i had plenty of ideas but was unsure of which idea was the best to move forward with and also which idea would work best with the waste theme, this meeting helped me narrow my ideas down to just a few however i am still having a problem with picking my final official idea. To solve this issue i need to research more into each topic and find a area that interests me most and that i am inspired by.

Before going into the group meeting i had my initial ideas mapped out on a mind map to help me, the ideas i have at the moment are mainly based on Recycled clothing/ material and also the use of recycled negatives and double exposure for fashion purposes. I knew from the start i wanted to take the fashion genre within this project due to personal interests and the previous ideas mentioned were the first to come to mind and these are the ideas i feel would work best with the theme of waste.

Theme 1
Using charity shops from medway to create fashionable/ High end portraits, i will only use charity shops from medway and plan to create original fashionable images.

Theme 2
The use of “rubbish” material taking inspiration from Alexander McQueen by using materials like black bin liners and bubble wrap 

Theme 3 
The use of recycled negatives on the top of new negatives, this idea i would combine with idea 1 or 2 

Our group (1) has decided that we should meet at least once a week (At the moment every wednesday) we have indicated that this time is to discuss ideas, photographers and how we are progressing with our projects and also using the time to discuss other projects (Fashion Constructed Image) 

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